Name: Mechaila G. Abalayan

Date of Birth: 28th day of August 199910404341_909313335768583_7954508648729325506_n

Place of Birth: Cebu City, Cebu

Height: 5 ft.

Weight: 42 kg.

Star Sign: Virgo

My Most-liked Subject

Since my Grade School until Junior High School years, Mathematics is my most favorite subject. Although it causes stress to most of the students but for me, I find it as the most challenging, most interesting and most entertaining subject of all. It has always been close to my heart that it leaps up whenever I see my Math teacher walking towards our room because I feel thrilled and happy to learn a new lessons. I consider solving math problems as one of my stress reliever and I think that this is mainly the reason why I love Mathematics.Blackboard with mathematics sketches - vector illustration

Now that I’m already a Grade 11 student (Senior High School), my most favored subject is Statistics & Probability and Business Math. These subjects involves numbers and formulas which requires a good analytical and problem-solving skills. I love how logical it is when it comes to things that involves Mathematics.

Through attending the Empowerment Technology class, it doesn’t just helps me in learning stuffs involving technology and all, but it also unlocks my inner creativity and improves my expertise in computer. This subject has become very helpful in my chosen strand which is Accounting, Business, and Management (ABM). It widens my understanding about the computer-related things (i.g,  MS Office Programs) which can be very useful and significant in the career I’m going to choose. This track I chose requires expertise in MS Office programs especially in Microsoft Excel which is further taught in EmpTech. Although learning these programs can be self-taught but the principles and techniques which can be learned in Emptech is higly useful and helpful to have a better result as possible.

16641028_10208776352863292_1746961532601329166_nThe announcement about the K to 12 curriculum’s approval for the implementation broke most of the students heart, including mine. My dream to graduate college and get a job at a young age was shattered because of this new curriculum. During that time, all I see and think was how pointless this curriculum is. Aside from being a waste of time, this curriculum is also costly. But, everything changed when I was enlightened about the whole concept of the new curriculum. I’ve realized how significant and beneficial this is to us, students.

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My experience right now as a Senior High School student is a lot more different from my experience when I was still in Junior High School. It is an experience full of ups and downs, twists and turns, an experience which I’ve never thought that would turned out like this. Since my preschool years until junior high school, I never got to experienced having a lot of classmates (more than 30) in a one single room. So it was a big challenge for me when I reached the Senior High School level. It feels like I’ve moved out of my comfort zone. There are a lot of different faces I’ve encountered, faces which is not familiar to me and an environment far more different from what I had before. At first I was so afraid to  go out of my shell, but I thank all the angels above for the people I’ve met are so warm to be with and I was able to show off my true self.

As of now, I see the new curriculum on the positive side because it helps us (students) to be more prepared and  be knowledgeable enough before entering the college level.


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